11 Februari 2016

so this is my kinda-mediocre-life after semi-grad school

why semi-grad school? because it was only a master's degree.

do i have a job right now? yes, i do. i am working full-time here: bwgeohydromatics.com, along with coming-and-going to my beloved institution: institut teknologi bandung. what am i doing exactly? well, i can say that currently, i am a super assistant to a lecturer - which happen to be my prior undergrad thesis supervisor.

super assistant, eh? yeap.

in a few weeks, i will be doing this:

kelas inspirasi bandung: 24 feb 2016

afterwards, this:

yeay! first time to give lecture to international participants! 16-20 march 2016.

afterwards, this:

arpeggio choir for easter: 27 march 2016. totally looking forward to it!

afterwards, this:

part of a research with an international institution and a former employer - some time in april 2016.

afterwards, idk! point is: my previously empty calendar is being filled and filled with various stuff.

am i excited? yaas i aam!

12 Januari 2016

doors and doors

"What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.
I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut."
(Revelation 3:7b-8a)

31 Desember 2015

this is new year. new year!

to be honest:

a. i kinda miss travelling. the feeling of just... being some place else.
b. i really want to start my phd soon. i think march would be a perfect month to tell myself "ok whatever, just give me any project already."
c. i...... really want...... something. shit i want it bad it hurts.
d. since all of those stuff above felt reaally sad, i gotta admit, though, that: i'm proud of myself! well, kinda.
e. ok just give me a phd project already.

so, new year, don't be nice. be as hard as you wanna be coz only then my drive would only be stronger and stronger.

speaking of, i have three big resolutions for this year:

a. become a volunteer. at least once.
b. start a phd project that... requires data acquisition. just, please.
c. weigh at least the same as how much i weigh right now, since it's gonna be winter on the other side: amen!

ok good. social yes, academic yes, health yes. so, see you next year!

16 Desember 2015

pasti ada sesuatu

gw mulai kembali ke kegiatan gw yang seharusnya: nyari phd!

namun belakangan gw jadi sedih. kenapa gw ga fokus geologi sih dari dulu. kenapa gw harus mempertahankan ke-itb-an gw walau kecemplung di geodesi. kenapa udah begini bukannya kerja malah sok"an pengen jadi dosen yang ujungnya mesti jadi ilmuwan. dan sekalinya bisa puter balik ke earth sciences yang sebenarnya, aku hanya bisa jadi orang di belakang layar, yang ga ikut ke lapangan, karena keilmuanku berbeda, bukan geologist gaul yang biasa megang batu itu. aku pun jadi sedih :'')

namun semuanya, pasti ada sesuatu di belakangnya. pasti itu. pasti.

mari berharap sesuatu itu, sesuatu yang menarik. kita lihat nanti, kehidupan ke depan seperti apa. repelita sudah tak semudah dan seindah dulu. namun usia masih memperbolehkan saya untuk mengambil resiko. semoga dapat yang terbaik. semoga.

lagu kesukaan saya, apalagi versi barry-albert maupun versi grace sahertian. rindu internet cepat :')
ps: saat menulis pos ini, saya lupa aturan pertama dalam hidup: only compare yourself with your goals. not with the other person's achievements................... goal gw sekarang satu aja lah, ga banyak". jadi ilmuwan indie. yes.

14 Desember 2015

(finally) taking the leap. doakan. saja.
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