29 Juni 2015

when you dated your bestie, it's either you'll have him forever, or lose him forever.

"lupakanlah masa lalu dan ia yang telah pergi. bukanlah suatu tragedi jika kamu jatuh cinta lagi." - mr. sonjaya, dari dias

25 Juni 2015

only between us

i went to paris yesterday, another 5-hour-long journey multiplied by two, as it was a return journey. i have a lot to do these few weeks, and a lot of unexpected expenses. but, that's not the thing that i'm gonna share right now. thing is, during that 5-hour-long journey, i watched one film that i've had for quite a long time: joyful noise.

yay to gospel! (source)

yeap. i know that the story line is freakin' corny. a lot of unimportant stuff and so on. but what made me enjoy this film the most is, of course, the music!

musical has been such a great guilty pleasure of mine. starting from the lion king (well we could say that almost every disney movies are musicals, right), then sister act, then glee, and i even accidentally found rocky horror picture show and i looooooooove it ;p musicals are always great! as long as the songs are nice ;p

i missed musicals then i found this movie. i've just had the time, and the will to watch it two days ago. and-it-was-great. gospel music has always been the best way for me to connect to Him. when i sing gospel, it feels different. it feels like my heart is singing, not only my mouth. i could even have a good cry through a song when i feel so helpless and weak. that's just how i communicate with my Lord.

then through this musical, too, i could reconnect. well, i do pray everyday, at least every morning and everytime i wanna go to sleep - well, there were times when i just forgot, not gonna lie ;p - but still, the feeling is different. i suddenly miss, again, GTLE. i need to have that kind of community, but it seems that, it's not the best plan for now. europe is such an empty house. i mean. sure, they have big beautiful churches and all. but they're mostly empty. the people chose to believe in themselves rather than in God. well, at least here in france.

well, one of the 'goal' in my life was to attend this kind of church. like, the churches where (i'm sorry for using these words) black people go. where they can really sing and praise the Lord with their own way and i believe i could easily connect with them. too bad i haven't find this kind of church here. the closest was hillsong, but that's just different. i can't connect. not at all. i reeaaallly want to experience the feeling i once had in GTLE.

i know that our relationship with God should be something that, only us and God Himself know. but having a community that could 'connect' to God the same way as we do feels different. it sounds a bit selfish and all but, i'm a human after all. i'm not perfect, i would never be perfect, and i always need someone to hold on to.

who else would it be if it's not to Him?

23 Juni 2015

pauses are important

hit me! (source)

last week, i sorta...... hit the pause button in my life ;p

kinda regret all the time i hit it repeatedly. like, repeatedly. "tomorrow i'm gonna....." then "EEEK!" nothing. continued: "tomorrow it is! tomorrow!" then "EEEKK!" again.

but now i've unpaused and i feel.... GREAT! like super great.

i can see clearer, i can think clearer, i'm ready to face anything! huhah!

and i don't get tired easily. well, at least till now ;p

so, lesson learned: pauses are great. and important. never force yourself too much or else, you'd lose your concentration. even motivation. as long as you still have goals to reach and you believe that you could still make it, then go for it, hit the pause button! same thing in exercises. as i told you i kinda got used to exercising these past few months and now i know exactly how to listen to my body, when to pause and when to go on. and everytime i wanna give up, i just hit pause, take some breath, maybe have half a cup of water, then i can feel my body again and i don't feel 'that' tired anymore!

hmm. maybe that's why people insists of having a coffee break every now and then. in my school, we used to have two pauses before lunch and two pauses after lunch. not long, only about 5-15 minutes each. and when i say insisted, i mean, INSISTED. sometimes we have guest lecturers that don't really accustomed to our pace, so they actually forgot to give us pauses or didn't even know that we have pauses. and yup. there's always a class mate who raises his/her hand only to say "can we do pause? it's the time."

oh, and by the way. i really want this:


but fffft doesn't worth the price.

phew. so! i'm quite happy right now. hopefully i'd be as happy, or even happier by the end of the week. wish me luck!

21 Juni 2015

soon and soon enough (source)

faire au moins mille fois qu'on a, bouffé nos doigts ! - stromae

19 Juni 2015

lolololololololl~ hahahaha~

this just happened, agh!

and this too :')

i miss these people like crazy! lol. at first i wanted to talk about a 'serious' quarter life crisis problem with eja, but then came ian, but then came daus, but then came MAYA, but then came ibe, but then came abet, so we ended up talkin' sh*t, as we used to, and i regret nothing :''


et voila voila. tomorrow i'm watching this (hopefully) stupid comedy:

from the creators of the "flight of the concords!"

recommended by kakak diandra arinitahhh. let's see if i would have another good laugh or just a "meh" laugh. thanks you guys!
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