19 September 2009


if i could describe what love is
i would describe it as


sounds weird, ridiculous and a rather disguisting isn't it?
but the truth is, it's true.
that thing above has thaught me too many things.
when i said too many, it's TOOOO MANYYYY.

okay, just like what valdano said the other day :
what's the main thing of falling in love?
it's the word "falling"
because love won't mean a thing without "falling"

that thing above made me fall, again and again
but what make those falls some different falls,
*okay, maybe i can't make my word clearly
is that i went through it all with those ones who were in love with the exact same thing
stupid isn't it?

i fell in love
i met many people with different thoughts and hopes
people who broke my heart, that could never be healed with anything
people who had the same faith as i was
people who made me fell in to my deepest sleep, and awoke with so many things to be done in the next day
and of course, people who are still in love with that thing above

thank you, my brothers and sisters
and those people whom i thought they were

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  1. tetap semangat buat smua Platalam-ers..

    Yudovan-Sisgahana 70


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