11 November 2010

kuburan bersama arina mocca

tribute to BKPC: balada kera penuh cinta, hahahaha!

love is a feeling / love is believing / love is not cheating / join me to sing / are you not lying? / are you not cheating? / should i believe? / help me, i'm flying / now, we are dancing / and stars are still shining / dreams of the highest dreams / hey, i'm just wondering / will this be everlasting? / please, don't take my heart away / ... / hey, i'm just kidding / this all means nothing / so just take my heart a... / ...please, don't break my heart out / what are we suppose to do?

2 komentar:

  1. lo lagi naksir siapa si gab? love2an lagi dah.

  2. kaga sii yeeeeee.. sotooooyyyyy..


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