24 Desember 2011

based on my two last posts..

..i could say that i am such an emotional person. please someone tell me how to handle it. i can't help but to express it! my whole life is full of "real-life-memes-made-by-my-face-and-reaction" spontaneously!

memes: only some representation of my daily basis reactions.
oh, FYI, i only use english when i'm mad, or i want to express something beyond my normal consciousness. believe me, it feels better. karena saat gw marah" ato mengekspresikan diri dengan bahasa inggris, gw selalu membayangkan gw menjadi seorang wanita afro-american yang lagi ngebacot: "you ain't gonn' do it no more, not on me, uh-uh!"

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