26 September 2012

swallowed tablet felt like it's stuck in your throat

i am posting this just after i got the incident (or accident). it is kind of a long post, but i hope it's helpful. i wrote it in english just to make sure that everyone could understand what i am going to share, because i think this is a really important stuff. if you're in emergency, just read the bolded words.

so i stupidly swallowed a tablet of panadol here in malaysia without water. usually, this thing does not count as a stupid thing because it ended up alright. but the trouble with the swallowing was that the size of panadol in malaysia is different with the one that is sold in indonesia. so after i swallowed it, it was okay, was. i did swallowed it well. then after about 5 minutes i could not go to sleep because of trouble breathing. so i drank two bottles of 500ml mineral water, and tried to throw the tablet out. but it seems like it's no use.

then searched in the internet about the swallowing without water activity, and panadol dose here in malaysia. unfortunately, most of them were bad, bad news. (about the panadol, the dose was okay, but i found some awful news about it, i guess it's just from some haters or something). i was panicked, also stressed out as well. i was so afraid about getting my throat infected or if i had to spend lots and lots of money in another country, and mostly, i was so afraid of not getting home in the right time!

i called my mom, she's a dentist, but also specialized in anatomy. she said that it was actually okay, don't panic, try to breathe normally, and in fact, if it really was stuck, then i would not be able to talk anyway. and if it went to the other 'pipe' inside my neck (something that connects to the lungs, not the gastric), i would cough badly until it came out. but it didn't. but in the end, if i did not feel well at all, seeing a doctor is an option.

then i talked to my hostel owner (or co-owner, or someone important in here) named mrs. nur, she told me that there is a 24-hour doctor near the hostel. then i asked my hostel guard (or co-owner, or something important in here, or might be the owner, he was like always there) to woke my friend, budi, up. it felt awful, waking up your friend in the middle of the night, literally. but i need to wake him up to accompany me to the doctor.

i went to the doctor, talked to him, he checked my throat, found nothing there, then he had two diagnoses:
  • it might be a psychological feeling, as an after-effect of the swallowing
  • it might be stuck, but i have got to go to the hospital to get an x-ray

he wrote me a letter for the hospital, just in case. then my mom called me, asking if i was okay, i told her that i already went to the doctor, and i told her the doctor's diagnoses. she said, if it was really hurting, i should go to the hospital, but i should wait for another 15minutes to let the medicine slide, or maybe, the pain feeling, slide. i also hoped that it was only a psychological feeling, because getting an x-ray, was the last, last choice for me. not only because of the money, but also the time spent with those x-ray waves in my body. i noticed that there's a limit for getting an x-ray, i am afraid that i might have to do an x-ray check for more important reasons in the future, but i had not pass the time limit yet.

so i waited for about 15-20minutes, my mom called me, asking my condition, i told her it was slowly going down (either the tablet or only the pain feeling) but i still found it kind of hard to breathe. then she told me that it was okay, if you feel like a little bit burning, it was also okay, i would be better in the next day after sleep. her statement of this burning time RELIEVED me because that was just what i read in those bad, bad news! then she gave the phone to my dad and he told me that i will be just fine because my mom is an expert (yes, this made me smile for two different reasons: blessed and knowing that my dad said those words with funny accents). after the call, i psychologically got better, and now, physically better.

this pain (the feeling of something stuck in your throat) will not be relieved in minutes. i needed to wait for about two hours after the incident, and lots and lots of water (in total, i drank about 2liters of water). then, it's okay.

but if you are feeling very, very hard to breathe, you should directly go to the hospital for proper treatment. maybe even to the emergency room if it happened like in the middle of the night. because we might have different experiences, i only felt harder to breathe, just like when we run out of breath after a long run/non-stop sprint running.

i really need to share this right now because i found in the internet that so many people experienced this, but almost no answers. so i hope this post helps. get well soon, and please just swallow the tablet with water. and if you noticed that the tablet was like the biggest tablet you would ever swallow, just divide it in to several pieces, because tablet size is relative to our size of the throat.

PS: thanks a BUNCH for mrs. nur, mr. anwar, and budi for the help. thanks. a. lot. i really hope this kind of stupidity won't happen again, especially when i am staying in another country.

PS2: for indonesians, 'duduk di mana' in malaysia means 'tinggal di mana.' the doctor's receptionist asked this question and i said 'di sini' along with my finger pointing to the bench. that, was not a proper answer.

PS3: i re-read this post, found lots of grammatical error, but i hope it could be completely understood. i am sorry for not editing this post grammatically.

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  1. dont forget to prepare and bring your own medicine when you are going to aboard..

    Mr. Taka

  2. get well gaabb, and thanks for the PS2 :)

  3. gaya jalan-jalan ke malaysia..


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