11 Desember 2012

if you were me..

would you stay on your newest ambition which actually reaaaally cool since only few people in this world would learn about it but you totally have no idea how the future prospect of it 'cos, as i said before, only few people in this world would learn about it, but the bright side is that you would probably be the expert of this subject, you're one of that 'few people,' or..

would go back to your prior ambition which you thought reaaaally cool before but right now, it's not that cool, at least not cooler than your newest ambition, since like, sooooo many people would want to learn about it and you are really sure that you would place somewhere in the business but you would not be 'the one' since you reaaalllllyyyy have to compete with others, specially those who already have that expertise in their prior study..

they're actually questions, without question marks though. so, what's your choice?

tanggal 17 saya FGD Total Scholarship dan itu akan jadi FGD pertama saya dan saya deg"an dan saya akan bertindak seolah itu akan menjadi FGD terakhir juga buat sayaaaa, aminin dah kalo memang direncanakan begitu! doakan yaaaa! :D dan tanggal 19 hasil IELTS saya keluar. dan itu... cuma bisa pasrah :'S

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