25 Januari 2013

lately i've been thinking, thinking 'bout you
and all the things i've seen you go through
you mother, the kids, and the problems at home
sorry, i wish i could fix what's wrong
i hurt when you hurt, i cry when you cry, even the deep ones
sometimes wonder, "why am i going through? i'm waiting but still no use"

He's still in control
He's sovereign and He knows just how it feels
to be afraid, have folks you love walk away
be still and know, He's still in control

lately depression, your job and your life
weighs on your mind, all day and all night
you know every scripture, and what prayer to pray
only a fool would think it'll all go away
but there is a use, for you there's a plan
A High Priest who knows and who understands what you can not say
just a little longer can you wait


don't know what tomorrow will bring, or if this sickness will ever leave
you can paint a perfect picture, but will it ever look like it used to be
see, one thing i know for sure, this season made you stronger and more mature
can't you see how far you've come?
and when you look back, it's gonna be worth it


be still and know, He's still in control

Still (in Control) by Kirk Franklin. sudah tersentuh sejak pertama belajar partitur lagu ini di glorify. tersentuh hingga sulit untuk konsentrasi baca not, karena terlalu 'dapet' sama liriknya. tersentuh sampe telat bisa, karena baca lirik ini sampe berulang" jadi malah ga baca not. sekarang dicoba menyanyikan pun, lupa sama sekali bagaimana bunyinya di part alto.... tapi baru sekarang bener" ngerti maknanya :')

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