15 Mei 2013

all my life..

i have never looked up to anyone but my mom. but let's not talk about her right now.

i'm sort of.... confused right now. i've had long mature conversations with my colleagues these days, about our future, life, career, dreams, reality, and even, love. serious kind of love. and i realized that, after all these years, i've made it this far because of my own will. my definitely-crazy-innocent-kind-of-stupid-turns-out-not will. i made the will by myself, not by seeing some 'inspirational person' doing it successfully. i wanted them. i prayed for them. i worked hard for them. and if He said 'yes,' i would definitely got it.

i've always asked The Lord what i want for my life, and what He knows best. but umm.. have i ever prayed for someone else's life? someone else's future?

well maybe then.. i will be more, and more thankful, for the life He's given me. so far. and yet, for the years awaits.

PS: inspired by 'yang galau yang meracau' by fahd djibran
 PS2: i concocted a glass of iced milk tea to accompany my night, and it tasted quite good! #newestaccomplishment

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