28 Mei 2013

nomads: a bit about the bedouins

tents of the bedouins, in the vicinity of jordan-israel border (alodia, 2012)
how do they live? how do they survive? what do they eat everyday? how do they spend their life? their free time? what's their philosophy of life? do they have any religion or gods?

well, the bedouins, who lives around jordan, israel, palestinian territory, until egypt, they live their life by making cheese and coats from their lamb's milk and fur, sometimes for themselves, sometimes they will have to sell it. the bedouins still live their life travelling across countries, through the desserts. it has been said that there are only about 600 bedouin people that still live their traditional life, the rest of them has been modernized, live their life as common people, having a permanent house, permanent job, permanent family.

bedouins after border, on the road to the dead sea (alodia, 2013)
so if you were born as a bedouin, which path of life would you choose? the traditional wandering life, or the modern permanent life?

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