20 Mei 2013

now i know how hard a photographer's job really is, especially those who are assigned to report a 'massive' news where there will be OTHER on-the-field-competitors

back-lights. sometimes they're inevitable.
then one gotta find another - sometimes worse - point of view.
testing: this frame's perfect!
...okay, not that perfect
...still no
...seriously, even in this frame?
oops, it's too dark. better change the speed.
...aaaand i lost my focus

NB: this pictures were taken by the time of my brother's sidi. for those who do not know what 'sidi' is, basically, it's a baptism. it's the time when a christian felt that he/she ready to commit his/her whole life as a christian. sorry bro, masih ada yang agak bagus kok hasilnya hehe.

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