30 Mei 2013

random things pops out of my head

so, why am i writing this post?

no clue. just feel like it. my nose started to run wilder and wilder, i sneezed a lot of crazy sneezes today, i had a short-quite-terrible headache, and now my throat is really sore. i could still talk, thank God. i wanna sing, so much. but i can't. my voice is gone, gone. dear mr./mrs. virus, what are you trying to do and why are you doing this to me?

one thing i know for sure is that, i want to write a song. i reaaally want to. but i have not found the 'thing' yet. back then, when i wanted to write a song about anything, i just, wrote it. anywhere. anytime i feel like it. but now? my phone, is a smartphone. which i always use to play games, everyday #sillyme, which caused the death of the battery came faster (ahem, yes, the death of the battery, someone should make a film out of that title).

okay so, plans plans plans. no plans. i'm so tired of planning that i just want to flow like rubber duck, even though i don't know exactly where i am. on the river flow, or in the ocean. i just wanna floowwwww (err, and "rubber duck," might be the title of my new song, quack quack).

and i wanna sing. that's all.

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