25 Juli 2013

ga masuk akal

Photograph of a Female Demonstrator Offering a Flower to a Military Police Officer, 10/21/1967 (sumber: wikipedia)
why are there always people who choose war over peace? why are there always people who fight for (their) God, who doesn't even need 'their protection?' duh, He's the one who protects you, ALWAYS protects you. if you long for heaven, why don't you just make your life 'a living heaven' instead of 'a living hell?' -____-

PS: efek beberapa menit baca segala gumaman teori konspirasi di kantor -____-

3 komentar:

  1. Retorika maneh bagus buat dijadiin quote gep, ijin share yakk..

  2. ahahaaa retorika? hanya menyampaikan pendapat :) sok mar


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