15 Juli 2013

time to hit refresh button

current craving(s): an email, THE email / favourite christmas present: a box full of books, elementary period / biggest regret: for thinking too much / biggest insecurity(s): growing up, being married, having kids, growing old / bad habits: preparing details only to forget it -__- / last crush: prince harry, and now he's....... getting bald :''S / favourite song: currently it's 'tomato potato' / childhood memory: hitting my own injuries in order to get used to the pain :p / something you'd change about yourself: about thinking and worrying too much about, everything / favourite food: aceh noodle i guess / favourite holiday: christmas / favourite movie: 12 angry men / 4 things i hate: mean people, sly people, people who made problem(s) with me, not being as good as i wanna be / 4 things i love: good movies, good music, people who are as real as they could be, travels with people i love / random fact: i can not sleep so i do this random question task and i am very thankful for having this precious free time / 3 people i miss: have just met all of them yesterday and today, so, no one / craziest thing done: withdrawing from something(s) to pursue other (hopefully better) thing(s)

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