03 Oktober 2014

for the hardest part, is to start

about 01:00 AM i was still kind of wanted to go straight to sleep after i - finally - had my 'dinner' while watching - uhm, for the second time - the simpsons and family guy crossover show, which i did simultaneously after i took a - very late - bath.

now it's already 04:00 AM, my presentation was finished, and i didn't even know where the hell did the 3 hours went. like, seriously.

point is, the hardest part, is - always - to start. seriously, i wanted to do the presentation after my theater club pratice, which was about 23:00 PM. then i chatted with some friends. then i decided to take a bath. and so on as i mentioned.

aaaand yep. 04:00 AM. i said to myslef earlier "i would go to sleep at 03:00 AM!"

sorry, bro. not today. not. today ;)

ps: that happy feeling when you finished something you ought to do :')

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