30 Mei 2015

barbie's head is dizzy

adu pusying pala berbi pala berbi o.. o ouww.. (source)

ok. so far i have applied to 5 institutions and 11 projects. aaaand have been refused by 2 supervisors. it's not that big of a deal actually, but i've just realized that... i started out late!

yes, most of the projects would only be started by october, but there are already a lot of projects that opened their applications by january soooo.. i am seriously late.

up to now, there are two projects that i am totally interested in. one in southampton and one in tasmania. as for the others, i do have interest, but not as biiggg as on these two projects.

but but but. what will i do if i didn't got any projects?

simply: go home :'')

if i didn't got any potential project by the end of june. well. babay france akakakakak~ because i would have to renew my residence permit, and i think i'm not really interested in making a "job seeker" permit. i would rather spend my time in indonesia where everything is cheaper ;p in plus, i could spend some time with my family.

but but but for how long?

i don't know :''')

i might need to apply to some jobs by the beginning of july. i might need to consider applying to fugro indonesia HAHAHAHA :'') oorrrr wherever it is to keep my stomach filled for at least a year. i think i need to skip indonesia mengajar because i-will-frikkin-need-internet-to-apply-to-this-and-that.

it's..... not gonna be that enjoyable of a ride? or maybe i could spend some time to do other things? i don't know. let's just see what the end of june would say.

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