31 Mei 2015

crazy talk with crazy traveler

didn't even know that i would experience this kind of view (alodia, 2015)

so first thing first!

i've just had some talk with a friend of mine who happens to be a traveler. or i could simply put that, she couldn't stand being in the same place for too much time ;p aaand we happened to know each other via blogging, so we never see each other, ever!

to put it simple, this is what we talked about: after graduating, what would we do?

she was also born in 1991, so we could say that.. well.. we're more or less in the same page. i told her that i would take a phd as soon as i graduated buuut she told me that she was gonna take a gap year.

a gap year.

exactly what i thought last year.

but but but but a year? isn't it gonna be a loooong way to go? won't we lose our time then?

she simply put that "we'll have all the time in the world to make money, make a career, make a family, and so on and so on, but we'll never have this much energy, and eventually, resource, in our live! this is our time!" and yes. hubbub. hubbub hubbub hubbub. in my head.

so i was thinking...... should i take a gap year? should i? i mean it is possible that i would meet people who would lead me to a great phd. i mean, i do have the time right?

and..... of course i did the calculation. i am now 24, if i continue my study directly, i'll have a phd at 27, or 28. after that i might take some postdoc contracts so, 30? 32? then go back to indonesia. done. life is done that way.

and IFFFF i happened to be accepted in my institute, i would hmmm.. work. till i reach 60. or 65. so 30 years of my life will be spent working. well, and making family, hopefully ;p

i mean i'll have kids at what, 30s? then my kids would grow up, go to school, go to college, bla bla bla, then i'll turn 50. i mean, that 20 years will be spent for these children also. hmm.

i talked too much ;p so... i don't know.. should i do gap year? i mean, i don't even know how i'll make any money yet during the gap year, but there might be possibilities though. you know, to do side jobs that are unimportant like, serving in restaurants, or stuff. after that, i could always take a phd.

but but but but i don't know. should i work?

asem kamu vio ;p

one thing for sure, traveling makes me happy. that's the one thing that makes me happy the most. it's a well blend between loneliness and companionship. it's cool. it made me have time for myself, it made me meet people, it made me find cool books on the way. i don't know. it's just.... fulfilling. maybe i should just.. simply work at/make a travel agent ;p

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