12 Mei 2015

in need of targets!

ok. so far, i've been doing..... a lot of things. most of them are new, some of them are.... not that new hahaha. i've started to realize that some of my friends have taken their lives seriously, whether by getting married, investing in a startup company, establishing a really cool foundation, publishing papers, that made me question my own life: what am i doing? ;p

i was scared of not working hard enough, but hey. i've been doing things like traveling to places, buying cool gears that i have dreamed of since highschool (i now have a freakin' TENT!), reading a lot of books, getting back to the 'real' earth sciences. i couldn't say that those things are small, i put a lot of efforts on them to come true. well, maybe they're just not as big as those done by these cool people.

SO! in the spirit of getting better and better, in this extremely short month of may (i don't know why but i feel like this is gonna be the shortest may ever), by the end of this month, i'm gonna reach these few goals:

ONE. understand the concept of spherical harmonics. i haven't been in touch with 'real' geodesy stuff so this thing is like, totally new to me and I NEED TO GET MY HEAD ON IT.

TWO. understand the 'true' concept of signal processing. the 'true' one, from a book. yes i have internet as a source but, come on. if you really get this thing done, life will be easier. promise!

THREE. apply to at least 10 phd projects. clock is ticking and i have procrastinated a lot on this thing. i know i fell in love with one subject, and i reaaallllyy want to be accepted on that project. problem: it's been a month since i applied to the project and i've not heard an answer/continuation. yet. since it's already like, the mid-may, i need other plans. the one i fell in love with is located in IPG Paris. so far i'm also interested to one project in tasmania and kind of thinking a lot on a project in brussels. i need to find a lot more projects to apply to.

FOUR. reach 57 kg mwahahahaha ;p this is silly but, i've been working out lately! bahahaha.

FIVE. get everything done for "selasar kebudayaan" on 23rd and 24th of may: OMG I DIDN'T EVEN REALIZED THAT I ONLY HAVE 11 DAYS THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

okay i guess that's it. i'm kind of crazy by the way. i'm tired. but i think i'm quite happy hahaha.

best camp site ever (ridoy, 2015)

"by the end of this month" means that... i only have 19 days to reach them LOL. i'll give you the update by the first week of june!

ps: oh, and by the way, don't hesitate to visit http://selasar.ppifrance.fr/ this is one of the new things that i've been doing lately. we still have about 4 sessions to go. see ya!

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