27 Mei 2015



so as per this afternoon i have just realized one thing that is certainly NOT interesting AT ALL. taking IELTS here, compared to if you take it in indonesia, will cost you a fortune. by fortune i mean, FORTUNE.

as long as i remember, i paid like, 195 euros to do IELTS in indonesia. as far as i remember. here, for the academic one, it's normal. 210 euros. okay, two years. it is enough for that kind of inflation. BUT BUT BUT BUT, if you want to study in the UK, you'll need to take the UKVI version of the test, which is an abbrevation of UK Visa and Imigration, which costs, only, 270 EUROS! in plus, i HAVE to do it in PARIS, which means ANOTHER EXPENSES. come on guys, it's just a freakin' paper that i might only use for like, some months. WHY do i have to renew it every two years?! TWO FRIKKIN YEARS?!

thanks france. or uk. or whoever you are who wanna rip myself off. lol.

ok anyhow, update!

yuhuuuw! salam dari cinque terre, italia (alodia, 2015)

so! remember about the five "promises" that i made? it's not the beginning of june YET, but i'll update anyway. i still have (a bit of) time to accomplish them. i'll give scores, 20 is the maximum on each goal. huyeh!

ONE. spherical harmonics. i'm on the right track and i still have time to really understand the concept. it's becoming clearer and clearer. hopefully. so, score. hmmm.. 10/20

TWO. signal processing. i'm still kind of stuck on the matter of converting frequential domain to its wavelength domain. yes, don't talk to me about the concept. i know that it's the reverse of the frequential domain, so it's going to be divided as much N as the frequential domain has, but what's the scaling factor? if i processed a geoid signal, are we going to play with the speed of the wave just like in acoustics and lights? and i haven't found a single book/online tutorials that is specially dedicated to this conversion problem. somebody help :( score, 5/20 hahaha

THREE. phd projects. so far i have applied to seven projects, and have been refused by one, lol. hmm. actually this is the main reason of why i need that freakin' expensive language test. fffftt. why God, why? 14/20, since it is equal to 7/10, yuhu!

FOUR. there's NO WAY i could reach 57 kg mwahahaha! it's too stressful and i eat more when i'm stressed out!! :'') 0/20

FIVE. selasar kebudayaan. the Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing one will be held this saturday #bestofluck! BUT the "Tol Laut" one... ergghhh umm.. let's just pray and work hard on that. 10/20

and the total iiiiisss..... 32/100 HAHAHAHAHAHA crazy lady!

okay, since number four is NEVER GONNA HAPPEN, let's say that it's actually 32/80. still, doesn't even pass 50/100 hhaha.

but anyhow, i tried really hard to accomplish them all. well, except for number four to be honest ;p

see ya later dudes!

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