14 Mei 2015

throwing away old shoes

saat sepatu kiri udah mangap, apa lagi yang bisa dilakukan sepatu kanan selain ikut pensiun (alodia, 2015)

huftness. so. i'm throwing away my shoes.......... hopefully in a short period of time. i just can't take it!!!

yep. i know. this is crazy but these shoes are.... well.. special. mwahahahaha.

i don't know how to put this but, i once made a 'vision' of things i'm gonna buy when i make my own money. this pair of shoes..... is one of them.

then in 2011, i finally told myself that i NEED to buy a pair of sport shoes. i'm not a sporty girl, i kind of avoid doing sports since i always have the perfect excuse: i do not own a pair of decent sport shoes! well, 2011 i kind of went out a lot with a close friend who happen to be a 'sport freak.' so okay, that was the perfect time for me to spend my minimum earning to something that would last and of course, motivate me to do some sport. at least running.

so we were like looking for the perfect pair. i was aiming for reebok though, but nothing really excited me and there was this pair of.... nike? adidas? i totally forgot, which was extremely comfy and it was 50% off, but they didn't have my size!

and yup. this fila pair suited me well. they're super comfortable, even 'till now. well, to be honest, i did not use these shoes that much lol. but at least everytime i want to do a little sport, i have the pair. even my mom said that they were super comfortable that she wanted to take it away from me (and of course i said: NOOOO!!)

so.. what have i went through with this pair of shoes? well, firstly, i used them to run in Saraga ;p i don't think i wear them a lot in 2011, as i did not have much time to do sport. or well, i wasn't that interested to do sport ;p 2012 also, not much of sport. but by the end of that year, i used them to my pilgrimage to the holy land. sponsored by my uncle ;) and 2013, i brought them to france, just in case i need to do some sport. i also brought them to the netherlands on my internship in 2014. i didn't do any sport back then, but i used them to travel a bit. shortly, 2013-2014 i might have used them to some of my travels. i don't really remember the details.

2015, i started to do some sports! finally! but yup. the time that i realized that the left one 'is not working anymore' was last weekend, in Ouessant. i was... really sad, hahahaha. seriously, i was heart broken. i have never felt this emotional with a pair of shoes before, even if i bought it on my own. honestly, i was kind of staring at those shoes at the corner of my apartment while writing this post ;p i don't wanna lose them!

but.. well.. i would have to throw them away one day. they're just shoes anyway. they won't last. it's been a great 4 years, and i need to move on with a new pair. i already bought a pair of cheap sports shoes only to maintain my pace of exercise and to support my upcoming travel. i'll wait patiently for the 'sale' season to find another comfy shoes...

....or i could just stick out to this cheap pair. we'll see ;p

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