18 Juni 2015

a friend's post

have just accidentally tumbled down to a friend's blog: http://rezaachmadabas.com/

reading the last post..... i'm not willing to waste any single bit of time to let you know that "that-is-exactly-how-i-feel."

i miss my people. i miss that old orange building, not the new one. i miss.... everything.

but as eja had said: we are all grown up.

we are now climbing our own stairways. making our best to reach the top. but still. this heart screams for companion. it screams for a good laugh. for unconditional love we've had once. i just... miss it.

well. i believe someday we'll meet each other again. i have plans in my head, waiting its proper time to be realized. it would be extremely great if i could really do it with my people. if not... well.. time will tell :')


ps: i won't need to spell out your names, but anyone who are also screaming my name while reading this, yes, i miss you too.

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