18 Juni 2015

i'm gonna sing in a friend's wedding!

and it's gonna be in 10 days! yuhu! i'm sooo excited!

marriage, ahey~ (source)

so about her. she's indonesian. she's gonna marry a french guy, and her father will come here on her wedding. i met her accidentally back in 2013. it's gonna be an intimate marriage in a small church a bit outside of the city. the church is stunning. it represents 'breton' church. breton itself means, something from brittany (my region in france), like when we say 'javanese' for a house that has the characteristics of java. there will only be 50-60 people in the marriage, typical european marriage with only small amount of people.

and i'm gonna sing! my malagasy (madagascar) friend will play the piano ;p we have only just rehearse twice! lol.

then we (me and my malagasy friend) talked about indonesia and madagascar, how we related centuries ago because there are two indonesian songs on the list. when he tried to remember the song he sang "pujilaah.." with a really accentuated "j" just like the javanese! so we talked about the origin of our languages. after that, i told him about my first year internship in the netherlands and how i met lots and lots of indonesian there. also, there are indonesian food all over the country.

me: well, apparently it's because we were colonized by the dutch.
dadou: oh, it was dutch who colonized you. so what do you speak in indonesia?
me: indonesian. i think that only my grandparents' generation who still know how to speak dutch.
dadou: really? but how long have you been decolonized?
me: about.. umm.. almost 70 years now?
dadou: that's not a really long time ago. we were decolonized by france about 55 years ago and we still speak french! even more than we speak malagasy.
me: well.. it's kind of complicated for us. it was the dutch who first colonized us, then came the british, then came the japanese. and then japan was defeated by the end of world war two in 1945, and that was the time for us to get our independence! shortly we had our independence so when the dutch came back to indonesia, we could already say "umm, sorry. we're a free country now."
dadou: ..ok that's really complex. it's like you've been colonized by the whole world.
me: yeah i know.. and we were 'educated' to.... 'hate' the people who have colonized us? so that's why we speak no dutch nor japanese. as for english, i believe that we speak english because of the globalization, not because we were colonized by the british once. they stayed in indonesia only for.. i don't know.. one and a half year?

aaaand we spoke about how 'we' were 'one country' once, in the epoch of majapahit. i believe that this kingdom reached madagascar at some point and there are people from java who went there. madagascar, i mean. that might be how we related, because it's not uncommon for me to have someone greeting me in malagasy because my face resembles their faces. a lot.

this is mialisoa! a daughter of a malagasy couple that i happen to know.
her face looks a lot like my face when i was little! (alodia, 2013)

so, it's a small world after all ;p oh, and i also told him how i met lots and lots and lots of surinamese in the netherlands because they were also colonized by the dutch, and they still speak dutch. in fact, the surinamese resembles the malagasy! but they don't really resemble indonesians. maybe because it's already too far away from indonesia while madagascar is actually in the middle.

it's really cool to talk about history and origins! moreover i am in the middle of reading pramoedya's third book of his famous tetralogy. it's in the era of organizing people of the east hindia to fight the dutch in the early 1900s so i talked about this independence thing with my whole heart ;p hfff.. i love my country too much..

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