15 Juni 2015

last weekend, again, i was not home

it's not every time that i could have documentations of my involvement in cultural events here in france. last weekend i went to lyon to support PPI Lyon in the 'fête de bannières' event and it was quite fulfilling. cultural events are definitely the time for me to practice my french because, i don't know, my confidence level just kind of boosted when it came to explaining things about my sweet sweet home country ;p there were only three of us in the stand, since most of the students were participating in the defilee, and our little stand was pretty busy!

we had three stuff to offer: traditional food, taking photos with minang clothes, and angklung workshops! i did about.. 4 or 5 workshops that day? i don't know. it's always amazing how people would respond to this instrument. some of them were like "wow cute!" some of them were like "oh, ok" and there are always people who would like to buy the instrument ;p

oh, and those three stuff were absolutely free of charge so our little stand by the corner of the quarter was almost always full! i felt kind of bad when i went from one 'costumer' to another since they reaaally like to talk and i reaaaally want to talk with them a bit more, because the people i met were almost always interesting!

indonesian stand wherever it is: coming earliest yet the last one who left

there was this spanish lady, in her late 50s i guess, she told me that her son was married to an indonesian and they are now staying in indonesia. her daughter-in-law named jenny and she asked me "is jenny a common name in indonesia?" and i told her "actually, we have a lot of name roots in indonesia. for example me, my name is gabriella" and she was like "wow, gabriella?! it's spanish!! me myself i'm spanish but my name is olga, a russian name!" then we talked a bit more and she was very happy with our short conversation and when she realized there was still a line behind her she was like "it's really nice to talk to you, you're really sweet. have a really nice day."

also there was an indian man, in his late 20s i guess, he asked me if i could speak english and i said "sure" and he told me about his trip to indonesia. he went to java, specifically to go to mount bromo and mount ijen and i told him "you're really lucky, i've never even been there!" and of course, he went to bali. there were also people who could speak "selamat siang," "terima kasih," and "sampai jumpa" that always made me wanna cry ;p and people asking about indonesia's tourism and i answered them passionately! you have to go here, and here, and here, umm sorry, how much time would you have? a week? that's not enough! ;p

so yup. i became an 'ambassador' without even realizing. i really hope the people enjoyed their time in our little stand, taking pictures with lots of excitement - every time a girl wants to take a picture with our costumes and her boyfriend/brozoned friend was about to take her picture, i always told them "we have costumes for boys too!" the girl would be like "WEAR IT!" and voila! - eating our delicious 'martabak telor' and 'sarang semut,' and yup, playing our musical instrument. i'm going to miss this kind of work. hopefully i would still have the chance to do this in the near future :')

as you can see the stand was cleared out, but the people were still excited to play! thanks PPI Lyon and KBRI for your trust!
(all photos were taken by reyner, 2015)

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