09 Juni 2015

ooh la la~

kalo lempeng mah namanya turunan, bukan tanjakan ;p (alodia, 2015)

c'est compliqué ce truc de PhD ! :'')

but so far i enjoy it. hahaha. i'm gonna share something that i found today. this is one thing that keeps my mind sane through these days. and i can relate to this, both literally and figuratively.

In his book The Hidden Brain, science writer Shankar Vedantam describes the day he went for a leisurely swim. The water was calm and clear, and he felt strong and proud for covering a long distance so easily. He decided to swim out of the bay and into open water. But when he tried to return he couldn’t make any progress. He had been deceived by the current. The ease of swimming had not been due to his strength but to the movement of the water.

In our relationship with God something similar can happen. “Going with the flow” can lead us to believe we’re stronger than we are. When life is easy, our minds tell us that it’s due to our own strength. We become proud and self-confident. But when trouble hits, we realize how little strength we have and how helpless we are.

cool, huh? i do know how it feels like swimming easily thanks to the current and getting back with much more effort when the tide is falling. point is, try not to swim on beaches that have big tidal coefficient number. 2-3 meters is ok. but 5-7 meters? you'd better look for another beach or wait for the neap tide. uyeay.

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