23 Juni 2015

pauses are important

hit me! (source)

last week, i sorta...... hit the pause button in my life ;p

kinda regret all the time i hit it repeatedly. like, repeatedly. "tomorrow i'm gonna....." then "EEEK!" nothing. continued: "tomorrow it is! tomorrow!" then "EEEKK!" again.

but now i've unpaused and i feel.... GREAT! like super great.

i can see clearer, i can think clearer, i'm ready to face anything! huhah!

and i don't get tired easily. well, at least till now ;p

so, lesson learned: pauses are great. and important. never force yourself too much or else, you'd lose your concentration. even motivation. as long as you still have goals to reach and you believe that you could still make it, then go for it, hit the pause button! same thing in exercises. as i told you i kinda got used to exercising these past few months and now i know exactly how to listen to my body, when to pause and when to go on. and everytime i wanna give up, i just hit pause, take some breath, maybe have half a cup of water, then i can feel my body again and i don't feel 'that' tired anymore!

hmm. maybe that's why people insists of having a coffee break every now and then. in my school, we used to have two pauses before lunch and two pauses after lunch. not long, only about 5-15 minutes each. and when i say insisted, i mean, INSISTED. sometimes we have guest lecturers that don't really accustomed to our pace, so they actually forgot to give us pauses or didn't even know that we have pauses. and yup. there's always a class mate who raises his/her hand only to say "can we do pause? it's the time."

oh, and by the way. i really want this:


but fffft doesn't worth the price.

phew. so! i'm quite happy right now. hopefully i'd be as happy, or even happier by the end of the week. wish me luck!

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