09 Juni 2015


when it's meant to be.. it just meant to be..

this search of phd is kind of funny. i'll let you know more about it around next week. thing is, the only person that you can't definitely lie to is, your own self ;p asyem.

central atlantic seafloor. oh la la la la la la la la la la la~ (source)

but i'm gonna update you about those five targets that i made for the end of may!

1. spherical harmonics. i left it at 10/20 intentionally. it's not this stuff that i need to understand the most. i only need to know a glimpse of it an voila.
2. signal processing. same thing. left it at 5/20 intentionally. a glimpse is enough.
3. phd. yup, i aplied to 11 projects already. well, 12 actually. have been refused by 3, almost 4 ;p and i'm in between two, to be honest. well. at least i've got 20/20 on this target ;)
4. fat loss. i now reach 58 kg instead of the 57 kg target, wuhu! not bad, considering my eatings right now. being healthy kind of made me poor ;p because instead of buying cheap cookies and chips as snacks, i buy fruits instead. and yes they're not cheap. i even consider a lot when i need to buy proteins. it's been two weeks since i bought meat bahaha. vive les oeufs ! so 10/20 hahaha.
5. selasar kebudayaan. done done done. it was kind of disappointing but... i'm not gonna make the 'second' one. no use whatsoever. considering that it's done, 20/20.

so.... my final point is...... 65! bahahaha. yup, getting good grades IS that hard.

and if you're asking, why the hell do i want to lose fat? two reasons. reason number one: bikini! lol. this is crazy but i made a promise to one friend that: we HAVE to be CONFIDENT to wear a pair of bikini THIS SUMMER! after we finish our master thesis of course ;p reason number two: just for the sake of competing with myself. i have told you before that, the only person that i need to beat every now and then, is my own self. having this kind of 'fat loss' program makes me have this kind of motivation and it made me want to think about my health, since i will be working a lot sitting in front of the computer for the rest of my life. this is the time to invest on my health!

anyway, my eyes hurt, and i always forget to bring the sunglasses. i hope the sun would last this summer, so i won't need to bring any kinds of jacket to work.

OKAY, MORE TARGETS! this is for june!

1. REAAALLY UNDERSTAND the compensation modes on the global geoid models. this made me feel kind of stupid to be honest, cause it's simple, but when it came to coding, well, not that simple. afterwards, start making the general table of content of the report. aw yeay.
2. wavelet analysis. this is going to be tough. i need to understand this by the end of june. hopefully hopefully hopefully!
3. make a decision on phds. i told you before that i am currently in between.
4. finish my CAF documents. it's a document for the french government that i have delayed for almost 6 months now due to my tight schedule. the office is only open monday to friday, 09.00 - 16.00 so come on, seriously? but i need to finish them all before the end of july. so end of june would be better.
5. finally, do routine exercises every week! the target won't be the weight now, i guess i'll be ok when i reach 57, but then it's the 'sculpting' that matters hahaha ;p i'm talking like a crazy person right now.

so yuhu! good luck this summer!

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