11 Februari 2016

so this is my kinda-mediocre-life after semi-grad school

why semi-grad school? because it was only a master's degree.

do i have a job right now? yes, i do. i am working full-time here: bwgeohydromatics.com, along with coming-and-going to my beloved institution: institut teknologi bandung. what am i doing exactly? well, i can say that currently, i am a super assistant to a lecturer - which happen to be my prior undergrad thesis supervisor.

super assistant, eh? yeap.

in a few weeks, i will be doing this:

kelas inspirasi bandung: 24 feb 2016

afterwards, this:

yeay! first time to give lecture to international participants! 16-20 march 2016.

afterwards, this:

arpeggio choir for easter: 27 march 2016. totally looking forward to it!

afterwards, this:

part of a research with an international institution and a former employer - some time in april 2016.

afterwards, idk! point is: my previously empty calendar is being filled and filled with various stuff.

am i excited? yaas i aam!

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