02 Agustus 2016

new new life!

hellaw! yes, i got the scholarship! wuhou!

meaning, i'll be away, again, in.... 2 months. i guess? there is still something that i have been waiting for hmm.. tapi kalau ternyata ga dapet, gue sih pengennya akhir agustus ya cabs aja gitu huft.

and i'm so hungry :'''( ya kapan sih gue ga laper zz.

sejujurnya perasaan gue terhadap pengumuman ini campur aduk. i mean. since this is not the first time, and it is not going to be the same (i hope), i'm more scared than excited. kenapa? well, lots of things.

i've been doing crazy stuff since i don't know when, but so far, i think this is going to be, the craziest.

tadinya gue udah nulis baaaanyak banget soal ini. literally banyak. super banyak. tapi akhirnya gue hapus. apa isinya? khawatir, khawatir, khawatir. i mean seriously, i think half of this year (terhitung oktober 2015) have been spent with worrying. but seriously this need to stop.

i'll try to see the future with just a little bit of hope ;) well i'll probably be busy in the lab, producing papers, thinking of other stuff, maybe even daftar jadi dosen beneran, etc. etc. have a life. settle down.

yet there is also something i wanna reach, to fulfill my passion. sayangnya ya, kemaren gw ga dapet euy yang kopernik :'') kayaknya gw terlalu fokus pada tujuan jangka pendek dibanding jangka panjang untuk hal ini.

but seriously, everything's just a tool. the most important thing is, to know and befriend a lot more people. aih, sudah berapa kali saya bilang saya agak bosan ketemu itu lagi itu lagi.

hemm.. kayaknya kalau september gue ga dapet "yang itu" i would probably spend my last days before europe to.. travel? or maybe not. we'll see about that. i still have faith for that, tho. well, not that much.

one out of four is done, two out of four is out, only one more thing left. wish me luck!

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