10 Oktober 2016

getting motivated

heyya! this is how they greet people here.

this week has been crazy. all new stuff coming in and out, new style of living, new 'life hacks' to survive, and of course, just a pinch of spontaneity. maybe even more. much more.

i had a school induction on monday until 2 pm, i guess? i met quite some people, had my desk, loving the 'tea with milk' culture too much as it is how i drink tea regularly in the office or at home (well, with creamer actually, not 'real' milk). then i went to the library to look for reference books, as told by one of my supervisors, went home, cook some food, and went to the Christian students union 'equip' at 8 pm. the equip was nice, i had a chat with new people, and relieved that, not only undergrads were there, yaay!

tuesday i was overwhelmed. i was really tired and ended up only going to the supermarket to buy groceries. then went back home and get another rest. i think i just got exhausted and needed a break. big break.

chaaaarrrrrr (sad voice) image i googled ;p

wednesday was crazy. i went to one MSc. in exploration geophysics class, they had matlab tutorials for about 3 hours that day (i only went for 2). it was cool actually, i got refreshed and learned some new cool tricks! the reason why i only went there for 2 hours instead of 3 was because i went to one MSc. in geology with geophysics class. the only reason i went was because it was one of my supervisor's class. hmm, not really sure of going to this class all the way, but i'll try to go for a couple of this classes more. it was a 3 hour-class, but yea, i only went for 2. oh, i went to my desk and got to know the people next to mine. good thing is, they have free tea in the office, nice huh!

thursday, i went to another exploration class in the morning, and read on my desk afterwards. i stayed up till 8 pm, i guess? what i was reading was reaaalllyyy coool! exactly the thing i have wanted to learn since... i don't know when! so the time went by pretty quickly. i went home and did some other work.

friday, exhaustingggggggg. i had another induction, this time it's faculty induction. up to 2:30 pm, and there was an open seminar from an utrecht researcher about numerical modelling of the earth's layers at 3 pm, so cool. crazy cool. but i thanked God over and over again that i cancelled doing THAT kind of thing as my PhD project. that's too crazy, will never be finished. period. so i got back to my desk by 4, read again, finished the pages that i wanted to finish (even more, yeay!), and randomly plunged myself to a BHANGRA CLASS.

that, up there, you guys, is how bhangra looks like. SO MUCH FUN and my shoulders hurt like crazy :''') the funny thing about bhangra is: you HAVE to SMILE aaaallll the way :''') they did record our rehearsal, but i don't know if they'll ever upload it, or share it in any way. but i will definitely join this 'leeds bhangra society' so i will be able to dance this super fun punjabi folk dance every friday night! at the uni!

saturday was nice. i woke up late, had some chat with my roommates, did some home shopping, washed my clothes, cooked using the 'multiple meals' trick and yes it saved me BIG time. so much win. and continued the work from thursday.

sunday, err..... i woke up late for a church :'') i was supposed to try 2 churches this day: gatewayleeds.net and www.cecleeds.co.uk but i woke up so late that i could only did one service, lol. it was the second one, and it was quite nice. i met one person that i chatted with in the Christian students equip on Monday, and turns out she's in the English and Theatre studies! i told her that i was in a 'not-so-serious' theatre group and she told me to take a look at the 'Theatre Group' aka TG in the uni. it's a group that i have not yet considered, because there are soooo many theatre groups even in the uni! this TG thing, turns out, run plays that are 'not that musical' and sometimes they write the play themselves!

so, as you've all guessed, i googled this TG and found out that they're having audition tomorrow :') i don't know what i am thinking right now but i am sooo keen of joining. they're only auditioning for 7 characters tho, and so far there will be like, 50 people auditioning. me, i just want the experience! you know, the warming ups, the readings, acting with groups, oh God!

i've already had monday and tuesday all-planned, tomorrow's gonna be nuts. thank God i still have prepared lunch in the fridge, lol. wish me luck on tonight's quest before bed: werk.

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