15 Oktober 2016

new life(s) vs settlement

it's always interesting to start a new life. well, the whole life i've been moving in and out here and there. packing and arranging stuff has always been an addiction of mine, kind of? since i graduated from elementary school, my life is always moving: i have never stayed in the same place for more than 3 years from then. moving from one 'kosan' to another counts yak ;p

dari sana gw mulai bisa memilah, mana yang esensial mana yang bisa ditemukan di mana saja. mana yang disimpan mana yang dibuang. pada akhirnya gw menyadari, puji syukur, barang gue memang tidak pernah sebanyak itu. i have a relatively small room, also small groceries and food placements in my house - because it is shared - yet i always manage to leave some space in each of them, yeay!

but as you grow old, the need for settlement itu ga bisa dipungkiri. instead of jumping from places to places, like i did best when i was doing my masters degree, i'd like to just stay in one place where i have everything there. in the weekends, instead of doing any activities outside - even in another city - i would only like to wake up late, have a good breakfast/lunch, read 2-5 pages of a book that has been left out while warming up the prepared meal, shop for groceries or other home needs, boring stuff. but i feel really good about it. i enjoy it, a lot.

this is how i cook now! i prepare five packages of meals for 1-1.5 hour cooking so it saves BIG time.

i still do 'crazy undergrad' stuff like joining a performance group, - i finally joined pantomime, it's not mime, it's a british kind of comedy theatre - though i'm only gonna be in the ensemble, lol. i joined bhangra dance society, as i have told you before. we have exercise every friday night for about 1-1.5 hour. i also joined the yoga society, though till now i have never joined any of the classes, next week would be cool lol. so some 4-6 hours/week i dedicate to these fun stuff. i mean come on, it's not even 1 hour/day in average. i'm not wasting my time or anything.

i refrained from joining 'extreme' groups like caving, hiking, orienteering, those groups i normally have my eyes on (and i DID have my eyes on them, totally). but in the end, at least till now, i'm not joining. i think this 25-year-old self started to like being indoor and how i truly enjoy the 'rumah tangga' life of preparing meals and washing the dishes more than i did during my undergrad and masters. we have turns on cleaning the bathroom, sweeping the floors, buying cleaning liquids, etc. and guess what, i enjoy my turn a lot, lol.

so hmm.. mungkin settlement itu merupakan sesuatu yang.... ujung"nya manusia cari. but it's not that i'm now prepared to get married or something, nooooo. gw masih jauh dari siap untuk menikah dan berkeluarga tbh ;p namun diri gw yang lunjak" ini sendiri seakan udah minta sama raga gw yang memang staminanya sudah berbeda: "gab, tone down a bit, will you?"

bonus: another bhangra class, yaaay! i messed up by the end, was out of breath, lol.

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  1. Haven't seen you in the longest time but your posts keeps me updated on your one-two-threes. Never stop writing, Gabs!

    P.S. We went to Sunday school together back in our GKI Cinere days. Just in case you think I'm a stranger claiming to have known you haha. Cheers.

    1. athaaaaa of course i remember what were you thinking, lol.

      nice to hear from you, i'm kind of ashamed that there are actually people who 'still' read this crappy diary of mine ;p

      anytime you're coming to leeds (or the UK generally) do let me know! my mail: gabriella.alodia@gmail.com


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