31 Oktober 2016

yet another bhangra post, etc.

so funn! i always can't wait for next friday to happen as we deal with more complicated moves and oh-it-is-so-cool. they're having an audition for the team two weeks from now, so this friday, they will give an audition routine. SO EXCITEDDD!! :''''D

as for panto, we've been having rehearsals on singing and dancing and they were so much fun! i can imagine how hard it would be on the stage, you know, with all the 'stage-creeps' and all that but we'll have four nights in a row..... which hopefully will be exciting! i'll share the full show, probably on january. we have recordings on rehearsals, but they're private properties, sorry lads ;p oh, for those of you who aren't familiar with what the f 'pantomime' is, check out this video.

so, it's not 'mime,' it's panto - that's how we call it simply. basically, a british 'srimulat' or 'ketoprak humor' or 'opera van java' i must say, for you indonesian fellows, lol.

as for my studies, i've just had a 3-minute presentation earlier this day and i made it! it was quite hard to tighten the things that i would say and keep my speaking flow - especially with those new vocabularies and stuff - but it went well! here's the first slide, not so fancy as most of them are taken from literatures - not my own work just yet. i guess sharing this won't be a problem as the workflow are basically originated from the published offer over a year ago, so here goes.

the first slide of my first presentation.... ever! well, in leeds, of course.

so.... wish me luck!

ps: i will have 2 weeks of vacation by the end of december and somehow i am not really motivated to go anywhere.. hmm.. staying in won't be a bad idea i guess, unless a friend needed my help/companion, lol.

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