25 November 2016

i am so not gonna do double societies ever again.

yoga doesn't count, i go whenever i want - no weekly "obligations" whatsoever.
21:09 and still at uni. and am still in first year. help.

BUT IT WAS FUN!!!! #fail

22 November 2016

setiap pagi..
dooh dingin betss astagaa mesti banget bangun apa..
...yaudasih kelas masih jam 10, ga wajib juga, bisa nonton class recordingnya ntaran..
...oke, kelas
...hmm jam 9 hmm asudalah, praktikumnya bisa nyusul jugak, ga dinilai ini
...ok, go! (bisa jam 9, 10, 11, 12, tergantung cuaca dan kadar cahaya matahari)

setiap malam..
ok, malam ini bhangra jam 6 sampe 8.. gotta finish before that..
..hmm not finished yet.. oke abis bhangra balik lagi..
..ok, malam ini panto jam 5:30 sampe 8:30.. ini ga mungkin beres, lanjut ntar..
..hmm.. rehat dulu 30 menit baru lanjut
..anjirrr di luar dinginnnn gamao pulaaannggg
..wew, jam 11 wewww
..nanggung, midnight sekalian
..only tonight, jam 2!
..this is thursday.. nothing tonite.. gonna go home at 10 tonite!
..ok, go! (bisa jam 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, kadang lebih awal, tergantung cuaca dan kadar kemageran dari meja kerja)

17 November 2016

yet another contemplative evening on the desk

22:13 and i'm still on my desk. fair enough since i've just got here since 11:00. i've got trouble sleeping lately, but my body is accustomed to sleeping between 6-7 hours/day (unless i force myself to sleep less and normally i would spend the day, not half-dead i will still be energetic, just half-conscious: i might do stuff i won't remember doing). so if i slept at 03:00, i will only wake up around 9-10ish. and plus, it's freakin' cold in the morning like seriously.

a lot of things have been going on. there's always things i can be thankful of. for instant, i got in to the bhangra team, wohoo! ....and i've had the most ultra-finnish moment ever. oh, you don't know what finnish is? and where the hell were you born, you sure you were born on planet earth?

typical finnish joke, so you'd understand. by the way, finnish is a person from finland. and now you know.
so what was my most ultra-finnish moment ever? ahem. this might sound cocky, but it's my blog, i can write whatever i want.

tanya: hi, i'm tanya
gaby: sorry, tanya?
tanya: yes, tanya
gaby: i'm gaby
tanya: oh, gaby! (like she knows me from somewhere else)
gaby: ..urmm, yes? (ok what is this)
tanya: hey, this is gaby!
karen: oh, yeah. riz said you're really good
gaby: .......... (can i just spend the rest of the evening below the table, please?)

and yea first training night was crazy, it was three times harder than the weekly fridays and... i needed to leave early because i have already reserved a place for a musical theater play so i missed the last bits. apparently, quite big bits. they've had this choreographed blocking and stuff so this evening's video scared me off. what'll i do tomorrow, what?!

so i went for the play. it was the little shop of horror. apparently, there's a song that i know. and i enjoyed every-minute-of-the-show. the opening made me so happy as all i can think of are my dad and my brother, as if they were the ones who are up there :') it's kinda hard not to shed tears there actually but yeah, i took a breath and it was fine. the show was awesome, the properties are just plain crazy. they made this giant-human-size 'living plant' to life! and they are mostly undergrads!!

during the show, i contemplate. i couldn't stop smiling, i won't lie. i thought about everything i've had. everything that God has provided for me. and what a great project i am in right now. i mean i'm working with both academicians and practitioners. this first-almost-fully academic year will turn into something that 'the industry will need' in the next 2-3 years and i'm a part of it. what did i do to deserve this. i have never realized how, crazily beautiful this life that God has prepared for me. in my 25th.

and i'm in this very exciting dance club that is totally new to me, and i'm being a 'supporting actor' in a panto play, and i still have time to make my own food so i know how much i've spent and what exactly it is that i eat. and i'm involved in the research division in the indonesian students association in the uk. and i'm doing a charity work for the homeless this 25-26 december in edinburgh as, guess what, a workshop leader! a workshop on what? on bhangra! :D :D :D

we're gonna have fun, yaaay!
funny story, bear with me. i originally applied as a general volunteer. you know, to do anything they need me to: greeting guests, preparing meals, sweep/mop the floor, etc. in the form, there was a question about any 'entertaining skills' i can do to cheer the guests up, i randomly filled in that i can play a ukulele and i can do bhangra 'just for fun.' the committee contacted me and.... they asked me if i can change my application to be a 'workshop leader' instead and lead a bhangra workshop! what a shock! :'')

*deep breathe out* pheww.. so........ well, shortly i said yes. i can't stop smiling. seriously, i can't stop smiling.

ok now, 22:43 over here. i still need to catch up some stuff. my project's heated up and oh, i need an it guy to help me out with a software installation tomorrow morning. this school's network system is crazy about security so it's not that simple to have a software installed in your pc. yes, morning, gaby. morning.

oh, last bit. i love how people say my name here. 'gaby,' with the 'a' as an alphabet between 'a' and 'e.' it sounds so cool :'''D cheers, y'all!

11 November 2016

enjoy the time while you can

thus my supervisor said. yes. 'enjoy.'

to be completely honest, i have no reason, then again, no reason to enjoy anything these past few weeks, and the upcoming ones, lol. but i do have things i should be thankful for.

one. i have just bought a can of skimmed milk and cocoa powder to make hot chocolate anytime i need it. wohoo! free flow hot chocolate for less then 5 pounds instead of the 1 pound/cup!

two. i'm gonna spend christmas in edinburgh! hopefully! i'll update about this in few days.. or weeks. ps: i would probably do new things this holiday season. totally new. so excitedd!!

three. i'm going to audition for leeds bhangra team TONIGHT! wish me luck :')

then again, i've got quite some burden on my shoulders that i need to get rid of, by working hard instead of procrastinating to do so.

one. i'm having a meeting with all three supervisors on monday. i was hoping for it to fall on friday so i would have time to do things but, voila. the only time space they are all available is gonna be monday 12-1 pm. i need to prepare.... stuff.

two. my night owl habit is coming back the hard way. i mean, it is ok if i've no class the day after, but if i do i would be ruined. i need to find a reason to wake up early every single day except saturday. yep, sunday too coz i've got panto rehearsals.

three. it feels like i am so far behind. as usual, all things are turning upside-down. i thought i would mess big time in inverse theory, turns out i find it cool, exciting, and actually am good with the practicals. well, 4 years+ with matlab won't lie. on the other hand, literature review has becoming harder than i thought. so much information i need to seep in. but so far, all of them are super interesting and often i ran out of time to do them all.

so, what can i say.. enjoy? hahaha. God bless us :)

09 November 2016

bhangra audition's routine!

this is super complicated. trying hard to match one move to another, lol. wish me luck this friday!

03 November 2016

"Perfectionism is the enemy of the timely completion."

02 November 2016


saat saya memulai sesuatu dengan serius dan mengertinya bahwa hal tersebut adalah 'penting,' biasanya saya ga setia. mudah bosan dan akhirnya good bye.

namun saat saya memulai sesuatu purely iseng, atau atas dasar kesenangan semata, biasanya saya jadi setia, bahkan maniak. selalu pengen balik, dan walau ada aral rintangan yang bilang 'ini ga penting' atau 'kayak ga ada yang lain,' malah ga good bye good bye.

contohnya? ya blog ini :'')

dan banyak hal yang telah, sedang, dan mungkin, akan dilewati.

don't even get me started on bhangra, lol.
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