11 November 2016

enjoy the time while you can

thus my supervisor said. yes. 'enjoy.'

to be completely honest, i have no reason, then again, no reason to enjoy anything these past few weeks, and the upcoming ones, lol. but i do have things i should be thankful for.

one. i have just bought a can of skimmed milk and cocoa powder to make hot chocolate anytime i need it. wohoo! free flow hot chocolate for less then 5 pounds instead of the 1 pound/cup!

two. i'm gonna spend christmas in edinburgh! hopefully! i'll update about this in few days.. or weeks. ps: i would probably do new things this holiday season. totally new. so excitedd!!

three. i'm going to audition for leeds bhangra team TONIGHT! wish me luck :')

then again, i've got quite some burden on my shoulders that i need to get rid of, by working hard instead of procrastinating to do so.

one. i'm having a meeting with all three supervisors on monday. i was hoping for it to fall on friday so i would have time to do things but, voila. the only time space they are all available is gonna be monday 12-1 pm. i need to prepare.... stuff.

two. my night owl habit is coming back the hard way. i mean, it is ok if i've no class the day after, but if i do i would be ruined. i need to find a reason to wake up early every single day except saturday. yep, sunday too coz i've got panto rehearsals.

three. it feels like i am so far behind. as usual, all things are turning upside-down. i thought i would mess big time in inverse theory, turns out i find it cool, exciting, and actually am good with the practicals. well, 4 years+ with matlab won't lie. on the other hand, literature review has becoming harder than i thought. so much information i need to seep in. but so far, all of them are super interesting and often i ran out of time to do them all.

so, what can i say.. enjoy? hahaha. God bless us :)

2 komentar:

  1. Edinburgh?? 😱 kak pap dong!! Kepo~~~ trs trs kl ga sibuxx mau rikues jg:
    - leeds tour
    - gaby's food diary
    - pap apapun

  2. dekjeung :''') pap apa yang kau inginkan hahahaha. i am writing more regularly, i normally write when i'm happy.......... or blantantly depressed lol. enjoy ;p


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