01 Desember 2016

looking forward for christmas

sooooo excited to be in edinburgh this christmas! let's break it down, shall we? oh, the photos are not mine. i googled it.

midnight and morning services at st. giles cathedral. hopefully i'll stay awake despite cold weather.

sharing bhangra moves in edinburtgh crisis centre. sooo excited yet terrified! what if they don't enjoy it? what if no one come? what if.. what if.. aaaakkk!

edinburgh's very own hogmanay! i don't even know what this is.. but.. YAAY!! please pray for me that i've got the front row so i could take beautiful beautiful pictures. it's been AGES since i've photographed anything good :'')

lastly... CEILIDH! again, i'm not really sure how this would be (and so far i am still going there by myself, yikes) but come and see!!

they said it's cold out there, but let's get used to it. i think i would need a really good jumper and scarf only for this christmas...... oh, and two warm pairs of socks too! i'll buy it this/next saturday...... hopefully i found a nice warm one in primark lol. i'm not sure about shoes though....... aghhh i hate that i actually love shopping. i don't want to have too many things in my room but guess what -__-

but so far, i don't really have that 'many stuff' so.. yea, jumper scarf and socks won't be a big deal.

oh yeah, if i do have the courage.... i might hike arthur's seat. MIGHT.

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