13 Januari 2017

can i please be addicted to travelling

i love travelling. no. i think i am addicted.

before going any further, let's talk about addiction, shall we? the oxford dictionary describes the core word "addict" as an enthusiastic devotee of a specified thing or activity. enthusiastic devotee. so not only that an addict is devoted, but he/she is also enthusiastic. addiction is something people normally do when they want to run from something (generally, responsibility? lol), isn't it?

how do i realize this. well let's see. i was browsing for my family's holiday here and because i found reasonably cheap-prized flights *yaay my mom asked "why don't we go to europe too?" *daangg well ok. look where the addiction came from, eh? then instead of working i spent hours. literally hours - anyway, i spent hours too, looking for cheap flights lol - to browse reasonably cheap destinations. my heart beated, my eyes were not closing, i didn't even feel hungry nor thirsty. i had those amazing feeling, like a high, even though it was only for browsing. i was like, oh that's cute! omg, this is so doable! aww ok we need to squeeze it into three days gaby, three days! etc etc.

same thing happened in edinburgh. i was only about "yeah, edinburgh, just take care of the cat, sleep, eat, watch movies, read books, i am so over travelling" and guess what. i finally explored the city and took lots of pictures. had some nice ones, too!

and now this. i am, yet again, stuck. bored. i browsed for places i could go to without visa - or at least have the "on arrival" visa regulation - found morocco, colombia, peru, chile, ecuador, even kyrsgyztan! i was like, i want this, and this, and this, and this, aaaggghhhh i need a break! and voila. the UK do not have as many bank holidays as France. well who's talkin' now.

this is what they have in kyrsgyztan! KYRS-FUCKIN-GYZTAN!!!!

now i wonder. will there be a time. like, some time else than the off time i will spend with my family, for me to just go and wander? i mean kyrsgyztan is TOTALLY a thing to put in my bucket list AND i've got a friend there (will he show me around though, hmm..). chile-peru-ecuador-colombia is definitely doable, well, after a year of dedicated spanish lesson i guess? and i can always, like always, have a weekend off to either morocco or any EU countries as i will (hopefully) get a 6-month schengen visa. if my parents are sure about going to the EU.

then came my worst regret ever. again. when i was too afraid to carry my camera to my south-eastern europe trip, spanning over slovakia-hungary-romania-bulgaria. i totally, totally regret it since everything i saw were just over my expectation. and the thrill of being a first-timer as a solo traveler? nothing compares. like, really.

castelul peles. still the best castle i have ever witnessed in my entire life. nothing compares, not even versailles, yet.

so yeah. i wanna revisit romania and bulgaria, i would reaaally love to explore bosnia and herzegovina, i NEED to realize my lithuania-latvia-estonia journey that was cancelled because of, ehm, revision -__- there are just sooo many places i would like to visit and so many things to explore.

the past 2-3 hours i spent only for looking at gmaps, browsing visa requirements, taking a sneak peak of some pages of lonely planet from different countries, all those stuff. can i please, pleaaase be addicted to travelling, please?

ps: OH! i have just remember! GEORGIA! *go back browsing oh, all the images are from google. i own nothing.

georgiaaaaaaa!!!<3 td="">

pps: after browsing georgia....... UK residents (NOT citizens) are EXEMPTED from georgian visa. WHAAAAT?! *out of breath

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