17 Januari 2017


in the spirit of still hesitating whether to watch la la land or not, list 12 top movies that's going on in your head right now!

1. 12 angry men (1957)
2. memento (2000)
3. lion king (1994)
4. singin' in the rain (1952) 
5. les choristes (2004) 
6. qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au bon Dieu ? (2014)
7. following (1998)
8. whiplash (2014)
9. coach carter (2005)
10. hunchback of notre dame (1996)
11. patrik, age 1.5 (2008)
12. big hero 6 (2014)

not that they are my top 12 movies, they are just.. well, the movies that pops to mind. and guess what, apparently 2014 was the best! how come i listed three movies in the exact same year while others are like, spread without any patterns. i'll just talk about those three then.

firstly: qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au bon Dieu ?

if you don't get it, that's because it's french. yes, it's a french flick. literally the title will be translated as "what have we done to you, oh dear God?" yes yes it is. it's a simple story about a french family who have four daughters. the first one married a jew. second one married a muslim. third one married a chinese. so their parents never really experience a "true" wedding they really desire as a catholic: in a church, with a priest. so now it's only the youngest. who will she be married to? this comedy is hilarious. seriously, best way you can laugh at how the diverse french act toward each other right now. many people (well, who never live in france) would judge that this movie is racist. the jokes are rude. not even funny. but honestly they're the best. and the ending? nothing compares!

yet another marriage. hm.
second of all: whiplash

all of you la la land pros must know that the director of that very movie is the same person with the one who directed whiplash. whaaaaaat? this movie is so intense. it is boring for some people who hates drama (not to say 'musical') but... i don't know. i just... i can totally relate to how the protagonist feel along the movie. not to mention the dark ending. yes, yes, it was an awesome ending.... but it's dark. there's an implication of what the protagonist has become from the beginning to the end of the movie and those emotion..... it could only be delivered by such great actors. bravo on your chemistry, miles teller and j. k. simmons. 

this scene portrays.... so many emotions. complex ones.

last one: big hero 6

favourite!!!!! one cannot not fall in love with baymax. if i could have baymax with me forever and ever, i don't think i will ever need to get married or something lol. pixar is such an ass at emotion. again, emotion ;p how can they make us fall in love with a robot? the message, the dream, even the villain. that's life, bruh. and this movie brought me to my dream of becoming an innovator. a scientist. nerdy ones hahaha. but yeah. all in all i love baymax.

hug meee... or i'll sleep.

why did i make this list? well why not? they are all good movies, trust me. the serious ones: 12 angry men (black and white, one room only, strong conversations), memento, and following (early nolan movies). the others are quite light. if you love musical, or simply music, you should try singin' in the rain (then you'll know where la la land came from) and les choristes (a light-hearted yet deep french movie). love sports? coach carter's still the best sports-themed movie i have ever watched (spoiler: the protagonists didn't win the final game). looking for something more foreign? try patrik, age 1.5, a simple-themed swedish movie which i found by accident. and you disney heads are liberated to choose between the mainstream lion king (simba was apparently my first love) or the sad crazy why-are-you-doing-this-to-quasimodo-you-stupid-writer hunchback of notre dame.


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