04 Februari 2017

gym and stuff

yes yes right, i've just joined the gym!

after all the hesitation, all the activities, and all the emptiness beside work-work-and-sleep-and-eat post panto and bhangra performances. there you have it, gab. a gym membership.

surprised? well, honey, you should not.

to be completely honest i have allllwayys wanted to join a gym since i was as little as 12. back then, gym was such a privilege. only upper-class people could afford it and i was not one, lol. i first tried a 'free day' with a friend and a mom's friend in celebrity fitness pondok indah mall when i was, hmm.. in junior high i guess? so yeah, i was still very little, around 12-14 years old i suppose.

CELFIT! still the up-most gym in indonesia, i guess?

it was like this huuuuuge timezone! yes, i always consider gyms as a place to 'play' because, look at all those machines! i only tried the treadmill and cycle yet i felt really cool. one thing that amazed me more is that they have classes! i joined the hip hop class as this type of class was reaaally in in late 90s, before zumba came. it was awesome. it was great.... but not affordable.

high school there was this 'obligatory' gym class in a cheap gym....... which i hate. it was disgusting. literally sweat everywhere, and you know what i'm talking about. then in university, still, gym's not an option. no money honey. no money. even until i worked, still my earning could only meet my basic needs.

master's degree? well, there was a little gym at campus, but again, it's tiny and all sweaty.... and all boys -___- thank God a friend invited me to a zumba class and also thank God for fitness blender! with a pair of adjustable dumbbells (for like, 20 euros or something?) i did like 2-4 exercises a week. my house was quite spacious, me and my roommates even had dancing days with a youtube channel called fitness marshall!


from october till mid-december i was really busy. panto practices took about 8 hours/week and bhangra took about 3 hours/week, sometimes more. so if i joined the gym since then, it would not be worth it. even though i really wanted to join from day one as the membership is super cheap! it's like 15.25 pounds/month (so about 250.000ish rupiahs - even cheaper than celfit's membership!) and i've got 8 hours/day access to the fitness suite and 25m long swimming pool in weekdays, free exercise classes (zumba, bodypump, spin class, you name it) every single day (with reservations and stuff), climbing wall, and squash court! the only down side is that, well, i only bought the cheapest membership so i would not have access to both fitness suite and swimming pool in peak hours (example, after 15:30) and on weekends. but it's alright. the access is open from 06:30 everyday and it's a lot emptier in the morning. i did my induction at 17:00 and it was crowded. not worth the extra money, man.

most important thing in my membership: ACCESS. TO. SWIMMING. FVCKIN. POOL.

oh, and they've got these tailored swimming exercises, laminated! so i could just pick something up depending on the distance i would like to 'conquer' and believe me. it was hard. but more effective than only swimming without any goals. almost wanted to give up in the near end, got trouble breathing, slowed down, but thank God the pool was almost empty so i would not need to speed up or stuff before finally.... cool down!

i've only joined like two days ago so of course i am still motivated! let's see what i would become...... next month ;p

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