24 Februari 2017

resolution, resolution!


i have actually made a new year's resolution.... which is quite crappy lol so i did not post it here. as i have already HAD to make a modification, here goes the updated-yet-more-powerful 2017 resolutions:

1. academic: pass transfer with only few revision by end of july/early august (right before/after PPI UK's ISIC-SI)
2. organisation: push ISF sub-cluster and research goals towards ISIC 2017
3. family: save money for me-time and family-time end of june to july (before transfer!! rrawrr!)
4. health: develop overall body strength and gauge stable body weight
5. social: see more people, academic- and/or career-wise if possible

phew.. the 5th one is.. idk, kind of the 'easier' version of submitting a paper to a conference or participating in talks lol. i submitted something to a small ted-like talk by PPI Oxford for this may, idk if it'll pass. indonesian students here are more... hmm.. ambitious, i guess? lol. but it's good! you're always challenged to become better and better!

but yea, if i managed to submit one paper this year, that'd be cool. lol.

1-2-3 are related to each other, so june and and july would be my KEY months, and august would be my sleeping month hopefully :''')


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