11 Februari 2017

short Q & A

i'm bored. and i found one interesting video in which 70 people ages 5-75 are asked simple questions and we can see how the trend changes (or not) from a young mind to the older ones. here is the video.

so i guess i'll answer those questions, lol. i am now 25 and here are my answers.

what's your goal in life?
finish my PhD, join a scientific cruise 1-2x beforehand, go home, get married, find a place to live and have family, have a steady job and just enough time to do my hobbies.

what do you regret most?
hmm.... leaving home (again) too quickly to pursue my education, i guess.

what was your favourite song growing up?
hmm..... que sera sera :)

what woman do you most admire?
mainstream, but my mom.

what's the most romantic thing that's happened to you?
i guess when my ex picked me up at our 8th month anniversary, circa 2011. when i went out of my place he put out a white rose from inside of his jacket, lol. we didn't really do a lot of romantic stuff back then so it was special.

then i found another channel. the questions are also quite cool.

so let's get started.

the most important lesson you've learned
don't blame people for disappointing you, blame yourself for expecting too much from them

what have you sacrificed?
my quality time with the loved ones

how do you mend a broken heart?
you can't

what is one thing everyone should try?

what is love?

quite nice, eh? let's see how it'll change the following years.

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