19 Februari 2017

sincere game for sincere friends, yaay!

so lately i've been, well broken. lol. as cheesy as it sounds i was completely devastated. and what did i do about it? well i did what i always do best: i bother people!

well let's see, starting from my mom, one person who i don't really know that deep but situations just made us kinda know each other, three of my friends who are literally wayyyy over the "close friends" yes they are ultimately close sometimes i don't even bother to filter my words when i am with them, another person whom i don't really know that deep and blah blah blah continued from the one you've read already, oh another friend from college who accidentally involved blah blah blah, and old friend of mine who i believe have wisdom waayyyyy over mine, hmm two of my randomly grouped friends, and oh! two people to whom i started to be opened up to. quite a lot, eh?!

so, in honour of my true true friends and family, i would give some of them a little surprise. not that 'surprisy' though, just a token of appreciation as i do not do this too often, except for my mom, whom i tooootally totally talk about A LOT. so i'll just choose five of them andddd........ welcome to the compliment quickfire!!!


ok what is this game. shortly, i would have 1 minute NOT LESS, NOT MORE, to give quick compliment about each of the people i will be introducing you to. i will start with a photo (from facebook, obviously), a nickname (not full name, no), a little background of who the person is/how we knew each other (not timed) anddddd start complimenting (timed)! i can write as long as i'd like but it should be under one minute of writing. ok? ok. leet's go!

DIAZ. we became friends because we thought we were the closest description of "hipster" starting from 2009, 2nd year of college. COMPLIMENT! he's super open minded but firm in the place(s) where he needs to. adventuruous, kind, but it does not mean he could get REALLY mad, lol. he's loyal, would do anything for love (and for the one he loves).


ALBERT. background quite similar with diaz, except he ain't no hipster. not even close. COMPLIMENT! this man sucks, lol. man it's soooo hard to compliment this guy i always want to punch him in the face! but he's super kind and would do anything for his family. strong, yet gentle. wtf is that lol. he's ok.

BAHAHAHA don't you see how hard i did that?! well honestly he's quite awesome, it's just that we're overtly close and he's so fun to be picked on (he did the same thing to me, meh) so fair enuff!

DIAN. background a bit similar with those two except we've known each other since a year earlier. we wanted geology but got dumped to geodesy, LOL. COMPLIMENT! she. is. strong. like seriously, you would never EVER find someone as strong as her. she's crazy strong i don't even know how lol. big dreams, but yea sometimes i just want to shout in her face GO! GET! THOSE!

ahaw! i'd have to admit, i cheated. i knew how to cheat, and i did that. i thought about what i wanted to write while i was searching her photo on facebook lol but that does not mean it is not sincere! and voila, i might cheat again for the next two ;p

RAISA. just because me and her went to the same highschool with 'that' raisa, she's not 'her.' no. they are two. different. people. COMPLIMENT! man, why is 'strong' the first word that cross my mind like, again? but seriously, behind those eyes she is! she's hard working, a good partner, and even have more HARSH words than mine during some times!

man she's really great. i don't know how i'd be if i didn't remember to contact her during this period of time. yea of course i cheated, i already knew what i wanted to write about her here lol.

MOM. this. is. my. twin. my everything. i didn't want to write about her at first but seriously, can't i?! COMPLIMENT! i cried to her since i was a baby and she still listens. even though she got uneasy and super impatient if i cried too hard (which is EXACTLY what i'd do lol) superwoman. inspiration. crazy. everything.

and IT'S A WRAP!! wooff was harder than i thought, man. i literally do not know, how to get through this week, if it weren't for these guys.... and the others i have described earlier. hopefully these sincere compliments would make their days a bit better lol. and sorry for anything that is inappropriate coz it's me after all MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

ps: you know what, i am always surrounded by women who by definition are STRONG. i mean, i have lots of guy friends too, but 'strong' is never the word i'd describe them first :''') omg wtf is wrong with the world lol

pps: yes, albert's strong, but still not the first word came to mind when i thought about him ;p

ppps: TYME to go back to THE GYM!

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