11 Februari 2017


i tried to be nice to day, and it felt great.
i tried to do at least 1-2 hours of exercise/sports every day, with 1 rest day every week, and it felt great.

trying to be happy with simple things isn't as easy as it sounds these days. a lot of pressure coming not from the society, but from myself. i met bang hadi (malaysian) and pawan (thai) earlier this day, we chatted about our projects and it turns out that i am not as far behind as i thought i was. too bad we're not in the same room, not even the same building. having a peer group is really important for me right now, especially the ones with similar struggle, lol.

i gotta say, it has been a nice week. i tried to wake up at 6 am every single day but the success rate these 5 days is still 3:5, not exactly every single day. as i have been trying to work with data instead of reading numerous papers, i have been dragging myself back to spotify and found quite variety of music. you'll find me head banging while playing with GMT or ArcGIS quite often, lol.

this is a nice one! a bit queen-wanna-be but i gotta say it's quite neat!

i've got two gym classes tomorrow, i'll play around with some data as i did not quite manage to carry out 8 hours/day of work every single day. there were days i woke up late and i faced some troubleshooting with one of my software and well, it pissed me off. i might need to go to the student's cluster to do that. and i've got an appointment with a friend in the evening. i'm not really sure what we're gonna do but let's just see.

hopefully i would be able to wake up in the morning on sunday as i will be having a walk! yaay! so in the mean time i'll try to pick up where i left off, days are getting shorter these days. have a nice and blessed day, everyone :)

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