02 Juni 2017

suddenly harrison (again)

i've been listening to the beatles since junior high, back in early 2000s. simply because i thought it was cool. i played the guitar already back then, i have an uncle who is really close and i think he was the one who mentioned this band the first time while we were going round and round in his car one day.

then i met irma, a fellow guitarist who apparently loveesss the beatles. she was a george fangirl since day one, and i was still this young girl who was mesmerized both by paul and john. to be fair john is the most good looking one ;p and paul? well he's interesting because he's a left-hander. lol.

years after i still listen to beatles' music. the more i grew, the more i listen to their later days music. back in junior high i only listened to their black-and-white days like hard day's night (i even watched the film too! borrowed the dvd from irma), she loves you, with some other 'hit song' in their later days like hey jude. those which chord progressions were quite simple for a little girl to play on her guitar. now i am just... amazed of how this group could really grow from such a 'fangirl-based' thing to real grown-up musicians, as probably their fanbase were grown up too.

unlike other musicians, beatles always have a space in my heart (and my mind) which is like, always there ever since. every time i listen to one of their songs, it's like meeting an old friend and talking to them. slowly i became a fangirl who started to look for their histories, why they broke up, the 'paul is dead' rumour, etc. etc.

and suddenly i bumped into this song.

what, george? he had a solo? no wayy.

and this song is soooo goooood. it fits well in my soul, if i could exaggerate a bit. especially when you know what 'he could meant' by changing 'hallelujah' to the 'hare krishna' chant by the end.

how do i know that? well it was the last years of my master's degree (mid-2015), i was writing a thesis, i needed something to read other than textbooks and i just started googling. about harrison.... and he was cool. like, really cool. i have always thought it was lennon who brought indian vibe to the songs (well he did brought the 'LSD' vibe in their songs in sgt. peppers, lol), but apparently it was george! and i started to look for songs that are composed by harrison.......... those are really, really good songs. they have this progression in which lennon's and mccartney's songs do not have, as they are more.. hmm.. pop, i guess?

i even managed to find a movie titled 'george harrison: living the material world,' which was apparently a NEW movie, directed by who? MARTIN SCORSESE!

GEOOORGE! and this movie was made in 2011. 2011, guys!

it is mostly lots of footage and photographs of harrison, his tale, everything. oh, lots of interviews from his closest to. basically, it's his life compiled in one movie!

then yesterday, i accidentally bumped into harrison, once more. well not harrison really. it started with this crazy footage of how yoko ono kinda 'ruined' chuck berry and lennon's duet.

another revelation, guys, another revelation. i've just found out that apparently this woman...... is crazy. she is....... no artist. like, honestly. she even made lennon's first son, julian, buy lennon's old stuff after he passed away from the shooting! that is just. disgusting. but we won't talk about her now.

i accidentally found some footage of harrison's old interviews, and this one is my favourite.

i was listening to this interview while working on my data (it has been 2-3 days of iterative stuff which needs endurance rather than 'brain') and thought. man, starr must've been the ultimate friendzoned man ever :') just listen to him, who doesn't want to be friends with this guy! he's hilarious!

and george was too!

so yea. this inner fangirl still does alive. it only became stronger. liverpool is only a stone's throw away, but i am not ready just yet. i think i will need someone to take care of me, at the very least, while i will be fangirling alllll the way. meanwhile, i'll stay here. in leeds.
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