13 Juli 2017

things i still would like to do

1. learn classical piano. i stopped at age... 12, i guess? and i'd like to revisit.
2. take a dance class. a serious one.
3. take a singing class, just to know the basic techniques.
4. make kind of a Get Out Get Active thing, wherever i will be based in after grad school.
5. get married, so i can do the laendler dance ;p

besides, as a foreigner (or maybe, perantau), apparently i cannot put myself into most of my friends' position who have been talking about: house(s), investment(s), steady job, career path, etc. i was really confused at first (especially the time i got home late 2015s to late 2016s). i put my head directly this 'very indonesian' way of thinking and ended up..... even more confused.

i was a bit relieved when i know, ok, i had someone (yep, had, not anymore) so at least i have someone to plan a future with. we, well, more or less had similar vision (as simple as 'where our home will be) so i could already count how much i should save the following years but then BAM! we finished.

now i am counting what i've got and how much i should save. i don't really have time or energy to think about investments so... i let it go. i respond only to trusted friends about this. so what i do now is just the things i did during my master's degree: living as cheap as possible and travel if the proportion is right. so even though i am not "muterin" my money, i've got some savings.

perkara bisa beli rumah ato ngga, gue kesampingkan sama sekali. at least i'll still have my parents' home when i got home for good, and cicilan does not sound that scary to me. and since wealth is never in my mind, i do not really think about buying lands or stuff.... just yet.

another interesting thing is.. i do not care about my career path anymore. it's true. i found out that... jobs are jobs. they are there to pay rent, to buy food, etc. it does not have to be fulfilling and it does not have to be 'only one.' so what i am investing myself in right now is: skills. i am learning bhangra (so i might open a class someday), i am keeping my body fit (so i might do a part-time job as a fitness or zumba instructor), and joining activity clubs like theaters and get out get active. i don't know, i am not that good at making money by 'sitting' i guess :'') it must involve movement.

i am not that good in research either, the only target i am running to now is just to 'pass.' the rest are.. just the rest. after some realization, the dream was to travel, not to become a great scientist after all. so the fact that i could even brought my family here was already very super duper better than expected :)

so yeah.. the rest... are just bonus. yeay.

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